Lighting on Location

Info: 2015 classes TBD

Location: University of Hawaii, Manoa Campus:

Cost: $TBD

Details: Explore how light works and how to use it creatively to your advantage while on location.

Learn how to control the light by incorporating soft boxes, snoots, reflectors, and bounce techniques, for more professional results. Explore which lighting techniques are best suited to a particular subject and setting. Proper gear and packing techniques for location assignments are also covered.

The morning is dedicated to lectures, demonstrations, and sample ideas; the remainder of the day is spent practicing lighting techniques on location. Participants leave this workshop with con¹dence in their new lighting skills and the capacity to develop their own lighting techniques and style.

About: Mike Adrian, specializing in documenting destination weddings worldwide, works with clients to capture their best moments on their wedding day. His work has been featured in national wedding publications, and he has worked and taught alongside some of the industry's most talented photographers. In a few short years,he has become a leader within the professional photography community.

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